Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Toone Family (Utah Family Photographer)

The Toone family and the Lewis family have a long history together. My husband has known both the mister and the misses for years, and I met them once I married in. They are such a great couple  and I've loved getting to know them over the years. Mrs. Toone is an amazing hair stylist and I've loved having her do my hair for the last while. Plus, their two kids are SO cute! The little guy is very brave and he kept us safe from the "bears" while we did our photo shoot. Unfortunately, the only thing that needed to be saved was his sister from stepping in the cow pies that surrounded the area (this was the last location I could find that still had some leaves on the trees). But I felt safe anyways knowing he was there to protect us....that, and the gun Mr. Toone had strapped on his side. He said it (the gun) is party of the family too. :)

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