Friday, December 23, 2011

The Zundel Family (Utah Family Photographer)

The Zundels were SO fun and cute to photograph! You can tell they love to have fun together as a family. The little man was quite a dynamic little guy and had no issues showing his cheeser to me. His sister on the other hand wanted NOTHING to do with me; however, even her "go-away paparazzi" scowl looked so cute on her sweet adorable face. I told my husband if we ever get a girl (fingers crossed) I'd want her to look just like this sweet little thing. However, I doubt we'd ever get a brunette....or dark eyes, but I can dream. Anyways, LOVED these guys and loved their shoot. Thanks Zundels!

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  1. These are ADORABLE! I love the warm light and I LOVE what the mom is wearing. Great work!!!