Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Karli and Chance Engagements (Utah Wedding Photographer)

You know those girls who have flawless skin. And you want to dislike them because of their flawless skin, but you just can't because they're so fantastic. Yeah...Karli is that girl. I hardly had to touch up her skin. Gorgeous girl! Chance is quite a handsome brute himself. So together they make a fantastic couple! Another great quality about this couple: they can make some awesome "serious" faces. I loved it! I try to do it and I just looked ornery, but these guys rocked it! I can't wait for this couple's wedding in June. Karli has every detail planned to perfection and it is going to be AMAZING! Love these guys! It was so hard to choose my favorites, so you can find their whole gallery HERE.

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  1. Anbre, these look amazing! You did so great and of course your subjects aren't too shabby either. Karli really does have amazing skin and boy can she pull off a serious face. This is going to be the wedding of the year, I'm glad you get to capture it!