Friday, April 8, 2011

Baby Scarlet - Utah Portrait Photographer

So...I'm going to make a confession. 

Ok, here it goes...."I'm BABY hungry!" There you go, I said it. BUT nobody panic (especially my husband), I am not "ready" for another one...yet. Lucky for me, to curb this little desire, I get to go take photos of other sweet little angels and get my baby "fix". It's the perfect solution. This little girl is a beauty. AND I adore her name. She was so sweet and wanted to be awake the first half of the shoot (she knew something was up), but I guess we wore her out because by the end she was OUT. Just looking at how peaceful she looks at the end makes me sleepy. Thanks Scarlet for being so darn cute and so darn photogenic. Oh and the adorable headpiece she is wearing was made by Ruby Blue. Find more of their amazing pieces HERE.

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