Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Statten and Paige's Engagement Photos (Utah Wedding Photographer)

You know those experiences you have where you realize how SMALL the world really is? Here is one of my experiences:

A couple months back I received an inquiry from a bride for photography wedding packages. After emailing back and forth she booked with me and I was so excited! Since we'd never met before I looked her up on facebook and thought she looked really familiar but couldn't quite figure out where I knew her from. Anyways, after our consultation and doing engagements, everything fell into place. She was a swimming teacher at the gym I used to swim at when I was huge and pregnant (luckily she didn't remember me at that physical point in my life - haha!), and she was the nanny for one of my neighbors. AND she ended up being engaged to a guy that I had had summer Business Calculus class with at USU. And HE is best friends with one of my good guy friends (whom I called Dr. Phil because he listened to all my dating drama back in the day and was just a great friend). Anyways, it's such a coincidence that she found me on google yet we had so many connections already. Crazy! Anyways, Paige and Statten are a fantastic (and gorgeous) couple and are so stinkin' cute together. After them dating for 3 years I'm glad they're finally tying the knot in a couple of weeks!

Plus, check out their cute announcements from my friend Kami at Bella Announcements

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