Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I am a student at heart. What can I say, if there were such thing as a professional student, I would be it! I want to major in dietetics, psychology, accounting, public relations, exercise science, become a pilot, the best mother in the world, a personal fitness trainer, wedding planner, philanthropist, and be Oprah's personal assistant (she'll still need one after her show is over). One of these OBVIOUS passions is photography. So to be taught by the best of the best would be a dream come true.

Crave Photography is making that a reality for one lucky winner. I'm hoping to be that lucky winner. This would truly be an experience of a lifetime. It includes a FREE 2 day private workshop including travel, hotel, food, everything! Seriously?! This would be awesome. Check out the giveaway HERE.  And then pray that I will win it. Ha!

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