Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lewis Family (Utah Family Photographer)

Photographing my own family is one of my favorite things. It's fun already knowing the personalities of the people and the kids aren't as afraid of the lady who keeps following them around getting in their business. Meet my husband's identical twin and his beautiful wife and son. LOVE them! Upon arriving at the location of our shoot, their two year old took a topple down the stairs. This wasn't a mere scratched knee, it was a face-to-the-pavement-from-the-fourth-cement-stair-right-on-the-nose smash. Yeah.... What a way to begin right? However, he was a great sport and forced smiles through those tears (and headache I'm sure). Editing was a bit more extensive on his scabbed and swollen forehead and nose, but I think we hid it as well as we could. Poor little guy. Anyways, I love these guys and I hope you love their pictures.

The only pics we got PRE-CRASH:





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