Thursday, September 8, 2011

Gallery Walls

What do you do with your family photos?
Do they sit in your drawer with intentions of getting them printed...someday?
Once you blog and post them on facebook, is that the end of it?
Or do you stick them in a book where they only get pulled out once a year while spring cleaning?

For many of us, family is our biggest priority and what we hold dearest to us, so....

why does the big screen TV get a spot on the wall 
and our family photos do not?  

Seriously. But with so many photos, what's a good solution? I've been on a GALLERY WALL kick lately and thought I'd share some ideas on how you can squeeze a bunch of photos in any amount of space you have. (Please note that all these photos are from off my Pinterest account. If you'd like to know the original resource, let me know and I can get the link for you).
Mix black and white photos along with favorite pieces of artwork.

Love the black and white - classic. What a great way to use that space at the end of a staircase.

Colorful mismatched photos and artwork personalizes a child's room immediately.

Love the over-sized photos above the crib (although I'm sure it's safety hazard).

Photo garland in top picture- could work in a kid's room, party, holiday, etc.

Photos of the parent's pride and joy in bedroom.

What better way to welcome guests in your home than to introduce them to your family in the foyer.

I just love everything about this room - and the photos are perfect.

Again- photos in the bedroom.

Love the white frames with white mats. So crisp and clean.

Love the color mixed with black and white. Photos have a lot of character.

Photos above beds of kids. Such a cute idea.

Great collage for a mantle.

How fun is this?! Different blocks of wood, painted different colors and photos on top. So unique and and fun.

Leave no question as to where their personal things go.

This layout is in the works for my foyer right now. Just need to get new pictures (in a few weeks!) Love love love.

Love the colors and setup.
Look how many pics this setup could hold!

Photos in the hallway. Photos in the bedroom. You can put them anywhere!

Now this is fun.

For all you type A people, this setup is for you. :)

Add other elements among your photos to give it character and a place of interest.

I love how offset the arrangement is yet it still looks great.

Black and white/color combination. Simple but fun.
As you can see, there are a variety of ways this can be done! About 6 months ago, my husband and I tried it in our new home. We both love balance and straight clean lines, so we didn't do any of the funky setups (I tried to create one, but it's just not in my nature- I'm too orderly - haha). We love how it turned out and love that when people see it, they are immediately drawn to it and will stand there forever looking at the photos.

Yes I know there is only one pillow on the couch. And nothing on the table. And fingerprints on my fridge. And the lighting was bad when I took this picture. And yes it does bug me.

Photos can be placed anywhere in your home and they will immediately add a sense of ownership and a feeling of what you hold dear in your life. So get those photo discs out of the drawer, off your computer and into the printers (please don't go to Wal-Mart - I BEG you! Try

Or if you need new pictures I know someone who might do them for you.... :) Give me a call!

And remember this:

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  1. This is a fantastic post!!! Great inspiration. It makes me wish that I didn't have sooooo many pictures stuck in the computer. :( Thanks for sharing!