Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Jamie's Maternity

One of the things I've been most grateful for in my life are amazing sisters-in-law. Growing up I had all brothers and was always bummed that I never had a sister. But what I didn't realize at the time is that I would get so many through marriage later down the road.  This has been awesome with the three I have now and I can't wait for the four more I still have to look forward to.  Jamie is one of my amazing sisters-in-law. It was so fun doing her maternity photos especially because there are TWINS in that belly. Yes twins! Two identical boys coming in September and I'm SO excited! I can't think of anyone better than Jamie and her husband to take care of two little babies...I would be a complete mess. Her little girl Tessa is going to be the BEST big sister - and as you can tell from the photos, she's a doll. Seriously, Jamie is all belly and still no stretch marks...LUCKY! Plus look how gorgeous she is. The cool thing is, is that she's beautiful inside and out - you can't beat that. I can not wait to meet those two little guys in a few weeks! And believe me- there will be PLENTY of pictures. :)


  1. gorgeous photos!! great job!!
    wow! what a babe of a mama!

  2. Just saw this! Thank you so much for the sweet comments, and the feelings are definitely mutual :)