Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bug-a-Boo Turns Two

Isaac is our little Bug-a-Boo. The name came from him being such a cuddle bug. He's known for begging for rock-a-byes at the craziest hours of the nights. He just loves to be loved. He is one of the most caring, tender-hearted little guys I've ever met.  I honestly can't believe it was two years ago he came into our lives. Time flies. We went for a little walk a few days after his birthday and took a few pictures to show how big he is. He wasn't too fond of me holding the camera instead of digging in the dirt with him, but he was still a trooper. I love this little man. Happy Birthday Isaac! (Please excuse all the different finishes I used on the photos. I realize it's not consistent but I figured "Hey- it's my kid. I can do what I want." :)

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