Monday, June 13, 2011

Lovely Sisters

Growing up I never had a sister, but always BEGGED for one. But I just kept getting one brother after another. I would sob relentlessly to my mom that I was so picked on because I was the only girl. I kinda grew out of that stage and didn't mind being the only girl (I never had to share anything- it was awesome!). But now it's when I see sweet little girls, like Kambria and Brielle, that just make my heart melt and revert back to my days where I wish I could beg for a sister all over again. (I'm SO lucky to have great sisters-in-law and friends that are practically my sisters, so I'm not complaining). These sweet girls are the cutest little things and I'm thinking of arranging a marriage with my two boys with these two girls. Thoughts? I think it's a good idea. :)

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